Recent MMOG Soundtracks You Shouldn’t Pass Up

Even if mainstream culture doesn’t know it, videogame music has come a long, long way since the beeps and boops of the 8-bit era. Instead of fighting with hardware to expand the range of noise – let’s be honest, that’s what it was back then – the processor, or heaven forbid the sound chip was capable of making, we now have full orchestras and incredibly talented composers creating soundtracks.

Where typical single-player excursion tend to have a set style, MMOG titles often change given the scenario, setting, zone or even the phase of a boss fight. This gives players hours of different music, enabling MMOG soundtracks to hold up as a stand-alone item more than any other genre.

Most titles these days include a soundtrack with the Collector’s Edition, but Guild Wars 2 has taken it a step further. Shockingly still available is the full soundtrack to ArenaNet’s subscriptionless title. Signed by composer Jeremy Soule, this collection weighs in at an impressive four CDs. The $29.99 physical collection is only available until Mr. Soule’s hand starts cramping and is sure to turn into a collector’s item.

Hit the jump for two more soundtracks that you shouldn’t miss.

Not to be outdone, the F2P scene has been enjoying an extra revenue stream from its soundtracks. Turbine is the latest company to take advantage of this, offering the official soundtrack to digital downloaders for Riders of Rohan. The 24-track compilation is available for $9.99.

I’d be remiss to skip over another recently released masterpiece, the always stellar soundtrack for World of Warcraft. For those that didn’t grab a Collector’s Edition, the OST for Mists of Pandaria is also available on iTunes for a small premium of $10.99.

Get those earbuds ready. We’re talking hours of music here.