NYCC 2012: Marvel Heroes Gameplay – Thing, Hulk, Ms. Marvel & Scarlet Witch

We heard you loud and clear. In our last look at Marvel Heroes you wanted to see more action, more gameplay of Gazillion Entertainment’s upcoming Marvel brawler. At New York Comic Con we made sure to get as much footage as we could of the most underrepresented of heroes. Take a look at the likes of Ben Grimm, Dr. Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff and Major Carol Danvers destroying the evil forces in the debut of Hell’s Kitchen.

We’ll have more on Marvel Heroes and New York Comic Con 2012 later today and this week, so stay tuned to Lore Hound. Hit the jump for the full montage of destruction. It’s worth checking out, even if Hulk and Thing have the same exact move…

Marvel Heroes is coming to gamers everywhere “sooner than you think.” We’ll assume that means 2012.

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