PAX East 2015: Reenter Blackrock Mountain in a Solo Hearthstone Adventure (Interview)

lh_blackrock_mountain_woo_pax_eastA few weeks ago, Shaktaji and I spent some quality Valentine’s Day time arguing, cheering and cheersing over Hearthstone: Goblins vs. Gnomes. The two hour F2P Friday stream featured an insane amount of legendaries, a succulent selection of epics and a pungent bouquet of rares. Naturally, neither of us could wait to see what Blizzard Entertainment had up its sleeve after the great Blackrock Mountain datamining of a scant week and change ago.

Blizzard’s PAX East panel did not disappoint in revealing the worst kept secret since the Apple Watch. Not only were we given a taste of the incoming Blackrock horde, but another fast-paced release date. That’s right, Blackrock Mountain is heading to a mobile platform near you in a scant few weeks making it Blizzard’s third major addition to the award-winning card game in less than a year. Complete with five more wings, 20+ cards to collect and seventeen unique boss fights!

Senior Producer Yong Woo discusses timing, the Solo Adventure’s upcoming mechanics and a host of additional juicy information during Blizzard’s PAX East after party where we played a demo against Coren Direbrew and his heroic tooling. Now exactly how Nefarian settles his difference with you using a Ragnaros card against him remains to be seen. Breaking the fourth wall much?

It’s all after the cut.