Rumor: Blizzard’s Project Titan Not Original IP, Heading to Consoles

These guys won't be in Project Titan.
These guys won't be in Project Titan.

According to Titan Focus, Blizzard’s next big MMOG is not truly an original intellectual property, like we have been lead to believe. Repeatedly. The rumor post references a user by the name of alphaNoid, who purports to know an insider. alphaNoid states that Project Titan is a “a spin off of an existing franchise.” He continues that the universe is “going to be what Blizzard fans want.”

When pushed for additional details alphaNoid could only provide that “Titan isn’t technically a new IP, it is.. but it isn’t.” before adding that “its (sic) not Warcraft.”

Blizzard’s Rob Pardo mentioned that the PC version of Project Titan would be the lead platform. The company has never been shy about investigating a return to it’s console-supporting days and, if alphaNoid’s other scoop turns out true, it’ll return with Project Titan (assuming the rumored Diablo III port doesn’t happen). Console of choice? The next-generation Xbox,

We’ll have more details as development on Project Titan heads closer to release, which is believe to be late 2014 or early 2015. Don’t hold your breath.


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