Defiance Beta Signups Live, First Closed Beta in Mid-January

Defiance, the TV-show-meets-video game combination from Trion Worlds and Syfy, is preparing to enter its closed beta testing well ahead of its expected April release. The open-world shooter is now accepting applicants over at its ARG site.

Not breaking the fourth wall but still informative, the Von Bach Industries website informs readers that the mission, or first closed beta, is only 14 days away. The first session will run from January 18 until January 20 and feature the entire game tutorial, Mt. Tam, a PvP map and a pair of PvE boss battles. Plenty to test in two days time.

Defiance is scheduled for an April 18 release, the same date as the show’s premiere. The first beta session is PC-only, but Trion is preparing PS3 and Xbox 360 versions for launch.

Good luck getting accepted into the beta.