SMITE Updates to V0.1.1092.2 Adds Ares to the Arena With A Consumables Change

HiRez released yet another patch today, the hotly awaited one that adds in Ares – Pun intended. You can check for a quick recap on Ares here.

Along with a bug fix on Bastet’s jump ability – which annoyed the hell out of me and makes me happy it’s fixed – and some changes to Sobek and Sun Wukong, most of the patch is Ares and some new skins. The special skin of note is the Sobek Pirate one, which cannot be purchased with Favor, and costs 600 gems to unlock.

Check out the full change log from HiRez themselves:

General Features:

  • CHANGES TO CONSUMABLES AND ABILITIES: There are now 2 consumable slots and 2 ability item slots (meaning you may now hold two different types of consumables at the same time). A button has also been added to “swap” slots on your abilities, for those wanting to keep an ability in the same slot (for consistency of key binding).
  • NEW EPIC SKIN (HIGH SEAS SOBEK): Say hello to a pirate-themed Sobek, along with his sidekick parrot.
  • ADDITIONAL NEW SKINS: Destroyer Ares, Typhoon Ao Kuang, Demon Slayer Kali, Death Dealer Sobek
  • RANKINGS: A “Top Ranked Players” stats page has been added under PROFILE in the menus. In addition, some adjustments have been made to the algorithms for ranking players in Ranked Matches. For fairness, the ranks of players have been re-adjusted to reflect the changes in the new system, based on their previous match history (so some players may see changes in their rank).
  • SPECTATOR: More spectator cleanups including a new process for viewing the match in the match lobby.


  • Gold Fury now has a leash volume where she will reset back to her spawn.


  • Creeping Curse
    • This ability now has FX play when used.
  • Girdle of Might
    • This ability now affects all nearby allied gods.
  • Mystical Mark
    • Fixed an issue with Mystical Mark not being removed when Arachne detaches from her enemy.
    • Reactivated the item in the store.


  • Bastet
    • Pounce
      • Fixed issues with the return pounce not working as intended.
  • Sobek
    • Tail Whip
      • There is now a .4s buildup at the beginning of this ability.
  • Sun Wukong
    • Overhand Smash
      • This ability no longer goes on cooldown when it is cancelled by crowd control abilities.

The changes to consumables definitely adds another layer of complexity to gameplay, and the changes to ability items hotkeying simplifies other areas of skill. I can’t wait to jump in and try the changes.