SOE Closing Four MMOGs including Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures

Yesterday appeared to be Sony Online Entertainment’s Black Monday. Don’t like the comparison to the NFL’s dark day after the season ends? Allow me to put it in a little perspective. The games in SOE’s roster are franchises, headliners in the company’s bottom line. While the more accurate comparison would be to the firing of the lead producer/designer, the announcement that four titles will be forever closed is equitable to the fate of various coaches like former Redskins coach Mike Shanahan.

Fine, maybe it was a reach. I just wanted to show you that I’m not all nerd! Anyways, back to nerd.

The developer and publisher of numerous MMOGs announced that it’s trimming its roster by four. All four of the titles will be known to those that follow the industry. The biggest closure would have to be that of Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, the freeform, mini-game filled title aimed at the younger demographic. This marks the second Star Wars property that SOE has shuttered after Star Wars Galaxies closed in December 2011. Free Realms, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and Wizardry Online communities will suffer as well.

Free Realms and Clone Wars will be put to bed on March 31. Vanguard and Wizardry are to follow on July 31. The reason behind the decision is reallocating of resources due to a decline in player counts for all the communities. Unfortunate considering strong starts by Clone Wars and Free Realms.

There has been no mention of sunset events as of press.


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