Infinite Crisis Ushers in Atomic Poison Ivy & Stock Superman (Video)

Turbine Entertainment fully plans on providing a wide variety of characters for its DC universe MOBA and yet Infinite Crisis has largely focused on the Batman universe. Sure, there have been others like The Flash or Shazam, but we’ve a multitude of Batmans, Jokers and Poison Ivys. In fact, the developer recently dropped Atomic Poison Ivy.

This incarnation of Pamela Isley focuses on the withered post apocalyptic world that tore Isley’s psyche apart along with the world. The world broken, it began talking to Isley giving her a renewed purpose. That purpose, to protect the Green and strike fear into the hearts of a humanity that destroyed what she loved.

Now, unless you’ve been dead this entire time, you can probably imagine the story behind the Man of Steel. Without traversing to one of the alternate dimensions of Infinite Crisis his story is beyond well known. Rather than rehash, hit the jump to dive into the official reveals for Superman and Atomic Poison Ivy. If you like what you see, sign up for the beta, or purchase a Founder’s Pack to ensure beta access as well as early access to Coast City.