Soul Captor Online Raises Level Cap, Adds New Zones, Instances

The latest content update for Soul Captor Online has added a horde of new content to the online RPG. Be it by the browser or by the stand-alone client, players can now access the “The Prisoner of Dragonest” update to farm even more exotic souls from the Westlake region.

“The Prisoner of Dragonest” Update Key Features:

  • The start of a new main quest, the Dragon King storyline.
  • Level-cap up to 60 and new class skills released for the new levels.
  • 6 new exciting new zones to explore and new quests to undertake.
  • 2 new instances.
  • 2 added daily events: Dicemania and Bombachicken (Hard).
  • New Anima Express quests for LVL 51 – 60 players.
  • New LVL 60 Extreme Tower Map (Moonfang).

Hit the jump for landscape and combat screenshots from the content update. Don’t forget, is still running an Item Pack giveaway for Soul Captor Online.