The Secret World Issue 2 Delayed Another Day

It’s no secret that I absolutely despise the character models in The Secret World. I absolutely love the game, but I can’t help but cringe … hang on, this sounds familiar. Yup, I said this 2 days ago. Issue 2: Digging Deeper, has been delayed yet again, this time due to a severe exploit that was discovered last night. This is starting to remind me of the awful combination of a bad hair day and prom night. All I want to do is look pretty, what’s a girl to do?

According to Tarib, a serious exploit has been found and Digging Deeper will be postponed until tomorrow, September 13th. Today’s server maintenance and downtime will still be occurring however, along with the downtime required to deploy the patch tomorrow. So much for TSW playtime this week.

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  1. I think that one day, soon, we’ll hear from “the trenches” just how devastated the dev team has been by the mass layoffs at Funcom. Based on what we’re seeing here, TSW’s updates are hanging on by a thread. This update #2 has been in development since before the game released and was originally scheduled to be released last month. It’s been on the testlive server for weeks and yet there are _still_ “serious exploits” in it?

    I do love the game, though, and am beginning to wonder whether transitioning to a F2P model, with many additional cash shop items, should be completed sooner rather than later. With little positive press, _no_ advertising, and a greatly-diminished dev team, I’d hate to see the game go on life support so soon after release.

    And that’s coming from a lifetime subscriber who would feel, to put it politely, screwed over if the game goes F2P now.

  2. @Chris

    They pretty much shut down their Oslo team. Martin (Snow) is gone.

    I disagree that lifetimers are screwed if it goes f2p though. We would still get access to the game, and count as subscribers. And every f2p game I’ve ever seen has had major differentiation there. Look at the Age of Conan f2p model as an example. I’m pretty sure they’ll do a similar thing with TSW if it does make that transition:

    I do not call that screwed by any means. I played LoTRO for a while as a subscriber, and would have bought the lifetime there if I’d found the game earlier, and wouldn’t have considered myself screwed by f2p. I’m confident it’ll be the same with TSW.

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