Spellbook Entertainment Announces Their First Dungeon in Amalos – A Minecraft MMO: Crystallum Palace

For those of you who don’t remember because it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything on this, or those who didn’t know in the first place, I’m working on a MMO project called Amalos – A Minecraft MMO.

Yesterday we rolled out a revamp to our project’s website, and with it, several details about one of the dungeons people will experience at level cap.

We still haven’t finalized details on what level ranges dungeons will be in, or what even the level cap will be, but all the other important details are there about this dungeon.

Here’s a brief description of the dungeon:

The Crystallum Palace is the home of the elemental lord of Water, Oshun, guarded by his faithful second, Ymgarde the Ice Giant.

It is said to be the coldest place known to humans, that your very breath freezes in your lungs.

As the elemental lords wage war on the mortals of Amalos, Heroes answer their call to battle by invading the homelands of the elementals, attacking the lords themselves.

Entering the dungeon is easy enough, as you just head either East out of Val’garn City or West out of Morgin City.

Read on to catch a lore snippet, the list of bosses, and screenshots.

We also added a lore snippet as to why there’s even a war with elementals:

After the opening of the Rift, the barriers between the different planes of existence faded, allowing particularly powerful places of magic on the elemental plane phase into reality in Amalos.

As the elemental lords and beings of this plane discovered what had happened, they declared war on the mortal race inhabiting Amalos, seeking to enslave them for their immortal selves.

The Water Lord, Oshun, has his own agenda of using his power to freeze the oceans, causing the citizens of Amalos to freeze in their beds, trapped by ice all around them.

Heroes of Amalos are called upon to defend their friends, family, and homes against these beings of power.

There’s two bosses available in Crystallum Palace – The ice guardian, Ymgarde, and the Elemental Water Lord, Oshun. In between the two bosses is a miniature “parkour” challenge that’s simple enough to complete, but annoying enough to provide a fair challenge the first time.

To stay up to date about all other information directly from us, check out our project website here.

Let me know what you guys & gals think – I promise to post things here on Lorehound as well. Enjoy the screenshots!

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