WildStar Jumps Into the Spotlight with Intro Trailer

Developer Carbine Studios has been pushing WildStar, its MMORPG slated for 2013 release, rather quietly for the past few months. That is seemingly all about to change. Publisher NCSoft and Carbine Studios released the first official trailer to explain to gamers exactly what the previously lightly detail title is all about.

To date, we pretty much knew that its a class-based title and a unique Path System feature that is a separate choice from Explorer, Soldier, Scientist or Settle. Followers of WildStar’s early blog posts also know that gamers will reside on the fringes of settled space, the fictional planet of Nexus. Why fictional? Well, we wouldn’t want the other planets to claim Carbine Studios was playing favorites.

The 4+ minute trailer explains all of this, adding in details on the paths, player-built housing, PvP and more on the story.

Lore Hound will be meeting with Carbine Studios at PAX East for our introductory interview. If you’ve a question you want asked leave it in the comments.

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