Lorecast Episode 24: Bag Full of Tootsie Pops

This week’s Lorecast is continuing the format we started last week. In it, iTZKooPA and Amatera discuss all the latest happenings in WoW and other MMOs. The topics for the week are:

Whatcha Been Playin?

Amatera: Minecraft, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, The Ball, World of Warcraft
iTZKooPA: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Medal of Honor

World of Warcraft Major News

World of Warcraft “Lightning Lore”

Other MMO/Gaming News:

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  1. I can’t play Vindictus :( I’m in Europe and they’ve IP blocked us. :(
    i REALLY want to though. but it looks more and more likeley that the EU beta is gonna be released in December (head to head with Cataclysm)…

  2. Ah, to live in a world where things could be launched in every region at the same time! The real shame comes when a company promises a “simultaneous worldwide launch” and ends up not being able to deliver (or they really only mean for two out of the three major regions, let alone smaller ones).

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