Star Trek Online Season 7 Launches November 13

Oh, shenanigans. Four hours of maintenance just when I want to play. Oh, but wait, it’s not routine? It’s for the introduction of Season 7 for Star Trek Online? I guess I can handle that! Community Manager Brandon Felczer dropped the notice on us just minutes ago, being kind enough to include the full patch notes along with the notification.

For those unaware, New Romulus will return to the core story of the destruction of Romulus.
The patch notes are massive, so any serious player would be wise to give them at least a few moments of their time to adjust for everything from general changes, the first re-haul of end-game rewards since they were introduced to changes in a handful of missions.

Season 7: New Romulus is scheduled to keep the live servers down on November 13 from 9:00 AM EST until 1:00 PM EST. The test servers may be unavailable during this time as well.