Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores November Event Page Updated, Free Trial

ArenaNet has begun divulging actual information for its second in-game event for Guild Wars 2. After teasing a transformation to Tyria forever earlier this month, the developer locked down the dates for the pre-planners out there. After the success of Shadow of the Mad King, ArenaNet is working on getting everyone interested in the event to participate. How, you ask? Why, a free trial weekend running the course of the event.

Existing players will be able to invite three players to experience the world of Tyria for a special Free Trial beginning at 9:00 AM PST on November 15. The trial period will expire on November 18. Keys are limited, so you best claim them as soon as you can.

The start of the event on November 16 will task players with defending the city of Lion’s Arch against “strange invaders”. Apparently, no matter the resistance, Lion’s Arch falls, as November 17 sees us retaking the city and discovering Southsun Cove at the edge of the Sea of Sorrows. November 18 kicks off the one-time event, the final battle against the fierce Ancient Karka in the newly discovered Southsun Cove map.

Other additions include new Ascended Gear and Infusion, a beta version of an upcoming PvP map, new items from the Black Lion Trading company and a new dungeon, Fractals of the Mists.

Hit the jump for the latest screenshots and the official teaser trailer. ArenaNet has also posted a new Event Guide.

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