Steam Sale Includes Numerous F2P ‘Starter Packs’ and DLC

Hide them wallets. It’s back. Valve’s effort to drain all of us of the last few dollars that the holidays haven’t already consumed. The company’s digital distribution service kicked off its annual Holiday Sale yesterday. I would have brought this news earlier, but I was busy fine-tuning my Wish List.


The big news this year is the awesomeness that is Steam carrying free-to-play MMOGs. The addition of our beloved genre means we MMOG players can finally partake in draining our wallets for some incredibly ridiculous details. The F2P deals come in two typical flavors, discounted DLC and ‘Starter Packs’ that tend to offer a combination of in-game currency, XP boosts, extra items and the like.

The breath of F2P titles tricking out their wares is almost as diverse as the genre itself, Star Trek Online, Blacklight: Retribution, Spiral Knights, Lord of the Rings Online, Tribes Ascend and many more.

The Steam Holiday Sale ends January 5.

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