Storm Legion Decends Upon RIFT With Official Launch Trailer

The world of Telara will never be the same. Trion Worlds has launched the first expansion to the company’s freshman entry into the competitive subscription-based MMORPG genre. Introducing players to two new continents, which triples the size of the previously-known world, a new social hub, 10 additional levels and four new souls, Storm Legion is no expansion to sneeze at.

“Storm Legion is a labor of love, and we dedicate it to our incredibly amazing players.” said Scott Hartsman, RIFT Executive Producer and Trion’s Chief Creative Officer. “Their feedback and critique throughout the expansion’s development really pushed it over the top, making it a truly special experience. Thanks to them, Storm Legion is huge, dynamic, and incredibly fun to play.”

You may have missed the opportunity to pick up Storm Legion for free, but you can still get in on the seven new dungeons, three raids, mobs in new, unique art styles and the ability to own your own piece of Telara with the new Dimensions housing system. Not to mention countless collectibles, achievements and PvP.

Hit the jump for the official Storm Legion launch trailer.

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  1. this company actually gives you what you’re paying 15$ a month for,constant massive features in monthly patches and now with amazing patch which loaded of new and exciting features, this is according to what I read. My whole weekend are waiting a head and I want to explore Telera all day long..

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