Supergirl Joins the Struggle of the Infinite Crisis (Video)

Time to succumb to my Y chromosome, that’s quite a sexy piece of art for Supergirl, ain’t it? Musculature and curves aside, I’m excited for the latest champion for Infinite Crisis. Turbine Entertainment hasn’t been added champions at an incredible rate – another good move in my opinion – but when it has it’s mostly been from the Batman universe. Seriously, like every other god seemed to have been from my most favorite of the DC properties.

Supergirl aka Kara Zo-el managed to survive the destruction of Krypton in a spacecraft of her father’s design. Sound similar to the origin of Superman? Makes sense, they’re cousins. However, her ship wasn’t as fast as a speeding bullet causing the well-toned heroine to take decades to arrive on Earth. No longer an adolescent, Kara’s powers immediately manifested, enabling her to take on the role of a bruiser immediately.

Supergirl deals with opponents with a fiery disposition and a swarm of attacks. As an agile heroine, it’ll be important to keep her attacking to maximize her passive and the ability Worldbreaker. Combined with numerous movement abilities, additional basic damage will make her a melee-based forced to be reckoned with. Supergirl will be available after the July 2 patch.

Champion reveal and additional screenshots of Her Hotness after the cut. And I don’t even fancy blondes!