Tanking Itemization – One Way Blizzard Has Backed Itself Into A Corner

This, but legendary... er

After 5+ years of World of Warcraft’s experiences and development, Blizzard has effectively backed itself into a proverbial corner, in some or many ways. With the coming Cataclysm bringing many major revamps to zones, quests, lore, systems, combat, and more, people wonder and ask about returning features or flat-out items.

In the Quests and Lore panel at BlizzCon, which ended up being simply Q&A session 101, someone asked for Atiesh and others alike to return. Chris Metzen (yes, that Chris Metzen) and Alex Afrasiabi replied with “highly unlikely, it’s been done”.

This spurred the next question: What is the next legendary planned? Followed by: Every role has had a legendary, except tanks. This struck home, naturally, but I never thought about this specific issue until my fellow tank mentioned it.

Sadly, they explained that they understand the issue, but don’t have plans, not even the means of know-how to remedy the situation.

The problem — class balance — is an age-old issue that, once again, has the Blizzard Team in a bind. With items such as Val’anyr and Shadowmourne, every class was capable of being catered to as a role. With tanks, it’s a different story.

Is it to be a shield? Well, sorry Druids and Death Knights (bastardized tanking class to be honest, ANYWAY..) you’ll be left out. How about a staff? Everyone but Druids – I hope you’re stacking parry, dodge, and stamina; you’ll be needing it. Catch the drift?

However much I, given my bias, would love to have a legendary shield, Chris and Alex stated they just don’t have plans for it. Adding that it’s “possible, but not likely”.

Am I QQing, or do tanks need some much deserved lovin’ from the Team?


  1. Easy.

    Trinket that increases the vengeance cap and/or vengeance generation and/or usable to instantly max out vengeance, with strength and stamina and possibly block/dodge/parry.

  2. The problem with that is then a problem with balance of tanks’ separate Mastery bonuses. There are more beneficial trinkets out there (bound to be) than a legendary such as what you speak.

    That, and it totally goes against the trend of legendary weapons. ( Yes a shield counts as a weapon because as a Warrior I get to whack you in the face with it >=] )

    It’ll be interesting, but who knows what will happen.

  3. Legendary’s have always been Weapon’s. There’s no point in breaking that trend.

    But I really don’t see the issue. I mean I REALLLLLLY don’t see the issue whatsoever. Why I ask? 1 Questline simply put. Quel’delar. a 2 Handed sword that can transform into several diffrent thing’s. Even a Mace.

    I mean, would it Seriously be That hard to make a legendary that can transform and give diffrent stat’s depending on the class with the same 1 special proc?

    Obvious answer: hellllllllll no.

  4. yeah, still no point in it not being implemented in this one. They said it themselves they think most of this stuff up on the spot. At blizzcon they only considered the story of bolvar being the LK until after the wrathgate. (and gave hint’s of it in ulda)

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