TERA Joins Cloud Gaming Crowd for On Demand Access, Easy TERA Adoption

Shortly after the successful transition to a freemium option, En Masse Entertainment is morphing its action-oriented MMORPG once again. The change isn’t as drastic, especially to current players, but speaks volumes to on-going attempts at instantaneous gaming. En Masse Entertainment announced that Happy Cloud will enable TERA: Rising to be streamed eliminating the pesky task of downloading and installation.

What better way to support your F2P initiative than to eliminate any delay in participation? Backed by Happy Cloud’s technology, players new and old can begin playing with only 10% of the game downloaded. That’s 2.2 GB of data instead of the previous 22 GB.

“Improving our user onboarding process for TERA: Rising is a priority for us, and using Happy Cloud’s system is an easy way for us to get more players into TERA’s immersive, 3D world,” said Soo Min Park, COO at En Masse Entertainment.  “Taking a graphically rich, fast-paced game such as TERA: Rising, which contains hundreds of hours of gameplay, and delivering the bytes in the order they’re needed is no small task, but we’re confident this will provide an even better experience for our fast growing legion of fans.”