Agnis Depths Completed; Livestream Building Session on Saturday April 6th

After finishing Erden Heights, we quickly jumped into Agnis Depths. This place was massive and entertaining to see take shape from start to finish.

Speaking of watching things from start to finish – Sephalon and I will be livestreaming a build session this Saturday April 6th at 12pm PST (3pm EST / 8pm GMT)¬†on Spellbook Entertainment’s channel:

We’ll be letting people watch and listen to us from the start. We’ll be going until about 4pm PST (7pm EST / 12am GMT). Every once in awhile we’ll ask for feedback from the viewers, and be giving away BETA Access & Gold In-Game.

Here’s the description of this fiery dungeon:

Agnis Depths retains the heat of the passionate fury of Agnis.

His hatred for any other than himself is manifested physically by the constant formation of new magma sources pouring through the ceiling and walls.

This place beneath Erden Heights is the embodiment of war and violence.

The portal into Agnis Depths is easy to find if you know where Erden Heights’ is. It’s on the south side of the mountain.

The lore, bosses, and screenshots can be found by continuing to read.

Agnis is the lord who declared this “war” on the mortals. He encouraged or berated the other elemental lords into joining him.

His arrogance and ruthlessness makes him vicious. He has no mercy for what he deems is “inferior” to only himself. Even his underlings are literally beneath him.

His sole purpose is to enslave the mortal races on Amalos, or watch the whole world burn.

Agnis Depths contains three bosses, and plenty of trash. You can find Agnis’ right hand Regent Atesh inside the floating center peice, and Agnis’ pet fire salamander beneath him. After managing to tackle all that’s been thrown at you thus far, you can take on the fire lord himself, Agnis.

We hope you enjoy these screenshots, and join us at the livestream event this Saturday!