TERA Unveils Full F2P Restrictions [Update] Coming February 5

The first subscription game to be transformed to the F2P business model in 2013 will be En Masse Entertainment action-oriented MMORPG TERA. The transition was first initiated in the title’s home region out East, followed by an announcement for Western markets early this month.

Sticking with what is now a tradition of business model changes, TERA will be coming in three flavors: Founder, Elite and Standard. Elite will retain the current access as today’s subscription option, complete with the $14.99 monthly price point. Founder status is obtained by purchasing the game and awards various perks including 8 characters per server and nearly 300 bank slots. Oddly enough, the best account is a Founder that continues with Elite status, gaining the unique perks of both.

It’s important to mention that upon relaunch in February, all digital sales will be discontinued. Stray physical copies will be the only way to gain the special Founder perks if you do not have them already.

Check out the full blog post for each and every perk available for the various levels.

Update (Jan 30):

En Masse Entertainment dropped the news today that TERA: Rising will be launching February 5 with a new 3v3 Battleground and the Crucible of Flame dungeon.

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