The Argon Queen Set To Expand TERA Next Month

Queen B.

En Masse Entertainment announced first details to “the game’s biggest update yet”, The Argon Queen. Sticking with the action-combat motif of TERA, En Masse made it a point to highlight upcoming class changes that are sure to make everyone happy.

Clearly, that’ll never happen. One such example is increased the capacity for a Warrior to be a tank.

In addition to a parade of class changes, TERA will see the addition of the kitchen sink, complete with garbage disposal. New battlegrounds, raids, dungeons and big-ass monster encounters are all planned for The Argon Queen. Speaking of, the venerable beast will be a part of Manaya’s Core and player can take on even larger foes in the 10-man raid of the Nexus Traverse.

Not sure who or what the Argons are? We’ve got that covered.

En Masse Entertainment will have more on The Argon Queen next month, likely during the Lore Hound-attended Gamescom 2012 in mid-August. For now, hit the jump for the first media bits.