The LoreHound 2015 SMITE Giveaway


Lore Hound has been around the SMITE community since its inception. We’ve never featured a pro player, tackled every aspect of the community’s incredible growth or broken down every change in the forest of patch notes. But man, have we followed the game. We’ve educated players on early oddities, thrown together useful guides and dived deep, deep into the lore of the multi-pantheon Battleground of the Gods. Along the way we’ve picked up quite a few skills. Only one of those is related to the title of the post; our ability to gather swag. We’re using that to top last year’s Artemis Convention 2012 Giveaway. We’re going bigger!

You’ll see that there’s a nice collection of codes here. They’re not going out all at once. They’re not going out to the same group of people. They’re not all that we’ll be giving away! It’s a pretty simple giveaway mechanic. If the particular social media account hits the given milestone a notice will be posted and then the codes will be given away on the platform. For instance, when we hit 500 YouTube subscribers we’ll be scheduling our first YouTube livestream to giveaway the three skins!

Now clearly, this is a shameless attempt to increase our social media exposure. We’ll be the first to admit that. But you’re getting your money’s worth. Especially if you end up winning one of these gems! Oh, and our amazing original content, op ed, interviews, convention coverage, streams and all that jazz.



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  2. So.. How does this work exactly? I mean how are you giving away the skins? Just picking a random person from all of the followers, or? My boyfriend is in love with that Artemis skin and I’m a little confused on how I’d follow along or when I should be most alert other than just following you guys on Twitch.

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