The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Open House #2 Is a Go (Video)

It’s back and better than ever. Ubisoft Montreal is inviting everyone to Opulencia for another romp through user-designed dungeons and a bit of tongue-and-cheek humor. Following the successful open house event from last month, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot has unlocked its doors once again. You can go pillage loot right now, in fact!

That’s right, from this very instant (and even six hours before) until August 6, players can assume the guise of Sir Painhammer or Blackeye Bowgart and enjoy questing and defending for a week. If their handsome faces aren’t enough to draw you in how about the first Opulencian Edict, “UNLEASH THE CHICKENS!”

I’ll let the wonderful writers of TMQfEL take it from here:

“If the community is able to extinguish the existence of no less than 10 million chickens during the course of the second Open House event – the chicken will be unlocked and become available as a castle defense item for all players in the next game update.  Chickens have been seen congregating in Castle Chicken Shack and Castle Chicken HQ – you must band together to end their feathery, bucket-headed plots once and for all!”

If you’re wondering why the first open house was deemed a success hit the jump for the fun facts. Oh, and there’s a new trailer featuring the chicken edict as an added bonus! Want continued access? Then snag one of the Founder’s packages.

Fun facts!

  • 71 million gold plundered

  • 41 million life force shard obtained

  • 337,938 deaths to player-created dungeons

  • Pick up your progress right where you left off!