The Most Difficult Pokemon to Catch


This is not a discussion of the percent chance to see Pokemon X, Y or Z. The Internet is well aware of recent spawn rates thanks to the now-disabled PokeTracking apps. Pocket monsters like Charizard, Likitung, Gyrados and the like hold the venerable positions of ultra rare yet accessible worldwide Pokemon. We’re after something far more malleable. Opinionated. Just which Pokemon is really the most difficult to actually lock away in its tiny, two-tone prison? This begs the question of how you measure difficulty. Is difficulty measured by number of Pokeballs tossed, landing with no avail and ultimately wasted? Perhaps you’ll argue it’s how often a particular Pokemon has left you in its dust. All fair measures of the challenge, but I’ll take you another way. To me, the nuisance factor is none other than time. How long it takes from the monster popping into “battle” to joining my team (or vanishing).

There’s only one Pokemon remotely on this plane that I’ve encountered. A challenge so annoying, so frustrating, so fruitless, one that ranks highly on any of the aforementioned measures, as to elicit rage when I cross the bastard bug. What’s worse, is that this demonspawn is relatively common, making the tiresome tossing of Pokeballs fairly common. Doubling down, the claptrap is an unremarkable find, at least here in Philadelphia. This bothersome bug is none other than stag beetle Pinsir.

lorehound-pinsir-metapod-annoying-pokemon-problemPerhaps the only beneficial stat on a Pinsir is the average attack speed. I’ve found it to be pretty quick. This is great for gym battles, especially if you’ve a type advantage (uncommon, but hey, I’ve had it happen). It’s awful when you’re attempting to bank him.

He’ll attack in sync with the flick of your Pokeball. If not assaulting you with this ribbed-for-her-pleasure pincer he’ll leap out of the way. Finally, you’ve got him lined up, he’s tired from all that moving around. Exhausted from antagonizing you. Taunting even. You launch your uptenth ball at that disgusting vertical jaw with uncanny valley straight teeth. “Does his mouth actually close?” you ask, mind wandering from boredom. It misses the incredibly small aiming reticle because it’s so undersized. Deep sigh. Screw it, I’m not throwing curves anymore. Forget the +10 XP bonus. I’ve been here too long for this crap. *spam*spam*spam*

Pinsir is too damn difficult to catch.