What’s That? You Want the Latest on Guild Wars 2? Beta & OST News Inside

Well, we’ve got it for you. The first and most exciting to those with ears would be the revelation that ArenaNet has released the upcoming fantasy MMORPG’s soundtrack as a stand-alone SKU. Unfortunately, that SKU is going to run a hefty $30. The good news about this tasty morsel of tease is that the OST is available now at that premium price and will be delivered before the title’s release on August 28.

And no, having the Collector’s Edition does not get you this soundtrack, just part of it. The $160+ Collector’s Edition features the “Best of” music from Guild Wars 2. This bad boy features four disks of unreleased goodies autographed by composer Jeremy Soule. Get the hint? There’s no digital version currently available or expected.

In further “don’t tease me, bro” news, ArenaNet has announced that the asura and sylvari races will be playable for the first time during the last beta weekend of July 20-22. This means all races of Tyria – human, norn, charr, asura, and sylvari – will be playable during the final phase.

Asura players will begin in the exotic jungle of Metrica Province, full of labs, golems and, naturally, mad scientists. Sylvari players pick up in the Grove, a living city in the shade of the Pale Tree. Yeah, just think of the Grove as the World Tree Yggdrasil from Norse mythology, with unique ArenaNet twists, of course.

Hit the jump for the latest screens from Metrica Province and the Grove and see you next weekend.