The Secret World (Head Start) Live! LoreHound Has You Covered

Funcom may not have the best track record – being responsible for the worst MMOG launch in history and all – but the initial announcement of The Secret World made everyone ignore the past. Designed by Ragnar Tørnquist, designer of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, the title was set to break as many cliches as possible.

Modern day setting? Check. Real-world locations? Check. A world beset by every conspiracy theory, legends and myth? Check. An incalculable amount of builds? Check. Three distinct factions? Check. Needless to say, Lore Hound has covered The Secret World in detail for quite some time and to celebrate the title’s launch we’ve collected our best material.

Below you’ll find a summary of The Secret World information to review as your download and install commences. Here’s to hoping for flawless server performance, limited bottlenecking and seamless installs.