LoreHound Crier: Week 6/29 At A Glance


Back in the saddle again… Yes, I’m back in the saddle again! Apologies to anyone who missed me, a veritable flood of things rained upon me and left me with very little time to myself. But I am back today! And what a day it is! I am sitting here, eagerly awaiting the servers to come online for The Secret World. Hopefully soon I shall be in and playing, rather than shaking my fist at launch where Funcom displays why they have such a terrible reputation when it comes to game launches. Third time’s the charm, FC! You can do it!

Lots of news this past week, much of it related to The Secret World as Funcom has been preparing for launch. But we’ve also got SMITE, Diablo 3, TERA, Guild Wars 2 and other goodies in the mix as well. But don’t take my word for it, click that lovely button below for links to all the weeks’ news!

  • I’ll start back a little more than a week since I’ve been absent, for iTZKooPA’s discussion with TERA’s executive producer.
  • And speaking of TERA, Mike’s TERA review is an interesting read if you’re thinking about picking up combat and politics.
  • I always love a bit (or a lot, I’ll take as much as I can get) of history in my games, it’s why I’m so excited for TSW after all! iTZKooPA tells us about RaHades, and Vamana and how they fit into the lore of SMITE.
  • DDO’s first expansion, Menace of the Underdark, launched this week. Check out the trailer, a summary of the features it brings to the game, and an interview. iTZKooPA never ceases to amaze with his tireless efforts to bring us our beloved gaming news!
  • Final Fantasy XI’s fifth expansion has been announced. iTZKooPA gave us the scoop, and a video.
  • For the more martially minded, there’s a new World of Warplanes dev diary discussing the change of plans in design. They’ve scrapped their plans to create ‘World of Airborne Tanks’ and will be taking on a new design.
  • If you don’t mind spoilers and like Diablo 3, Randy Denosha brought us the next page of his Diary of Torak the barbarian.
  • For more Turbine news, some Riders of ROhan concept art has been released. There’s still time to pre-order if you like the look of it!
  • Mordil discussed the reasoning behind the extensive effort to provide lore on the progress update for the Amalos server, and promises more to come.
  • Guild Wars 2 announced a release date! Well, actually ArenaNet announced it. But it sounded more dramatic that way.
  • What could be better than giant tank robots in the snow? iTZKooPA brought us the info on MechWarrior Online’s wintery weather combat.
  • And last but not least, I had too much to say about The Secret World to put it all up at once. You can read the first part of my preview. When I publish the second part it may be a bit disjointed, as it will be after I’ve actually played the live (assuming the servers ever go up).  If you’re planning on playing, the the servers have been announced, and are supposed to go live for pre-orders in a half an hour. So much for their promise that grand masters will have hours of access before the start of the pre-order time. But it does look like it’s gone live!
  • See you next week! :)

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