Tomb of the Forgotten Kings Becomes Remembered in Amalos – A Minecraft MMO

As I mentioned in my post almost 3 years ago when World of Warcraft launched Cataclysm, I love ancient Egypt and its mythology.

I was pretty excited when this finally came up on our “To-Do” list for dungeon building in Amalos, as it puts all my knowledge of ancient Egypt to the test, and use.

We employed a nice amount of new building skills that we’ve acquired thus far from all the dungeons we’ve built for Amalos – A Minecraft MMO.

Hopefully you will all enjoy this dungeon as much as I did designing it. This one is paired with Sewer City Fight Club at level 10.

We also want to give a very special thanks to the Minecraft player, FilaStyle84, for the Sphinx statue face we used in the last boss room. This saved us a ton of time, and added a nice touch to the area.

Here’s the description. After the cut, you can find the boss overviews, directions to find the entrance, and the lore section for this dungeon.

Even with the Valgarians being so deeply entrenched in science and knowledge, they have forgotten and lost a large amount of information on themselves.

This tomb has been sealed and hidden in the sands of time for over 5 centuries. After the Great War, the Valgarian populace gained a greater sense of being, and a desire to understand themselves.

Determined to re-learn secrets of their past, an archaeology group was founded.

Who are they, what did they do, and what happened to some of their ancestors?

The entrance to the Tomb of the Forgotten Kings is found just North of Val’garn City. Head out on the highway system until you see the Archaeology Digsite to your left.

The lore is pretty interesting for this dungeon:

At large, the ancient Valgarian people were agricultural and religious. In the early stage of civilization, simple concepts were attributed to specific gods, such as the afterlife.

As archaeologists have delved more into the Tomb of the Forgotten Kings, they have uncovered the secret that perhaps the gods of Old did exist.

To their surprise, they found a queen scorpion given the name “Serket”, as the hieroglyphs on the walls described her as such, living near the entrance.

From what they have translated, she is the guardian of the way to the domain of Ahnubis. Ahnubis was the guardian of the Underworld to the ancient Valgarians.

According to the writings on the wall, the king of ancient Val’gar, Amenhotep, made a deal with Ahnubis, that if he would watch over him in death, he would do Ahnubis’ bidding in life.

As you can gather from the lore snippet, there’s three bosses found here: Serket, Ahnubis, and Amenhotep. Scorpion Queen Serket, along with her broodlings, guard the way down into the realm of the Underworld. There players will encounter the God of the Underworld himself, Ahnubis.

After defeating him, they will fight the one he was charged with guarding for all eternity – the ancient Valgarian king Amenhotep himself.