Neverwinter – Pay To Win?! Not Really

The latest Neverwinter Dev Blog revealed a tidbit that excites many a hardcore Dungeons and Dragons player. Cryptic Studios has listened to beta feedback and modified one of the core progression systems based upon player desire. In the near future players will have another aspect of character customization to enjoy; being able to select which powers to use.

Previously, customization was limited to which power to equip to the hotbar. Players had no choice in what power to accept. They were all unlocked as the character gained experience. Coming as part of Beta Weekend 4, players will receive additional customization in the form of power training. As a character gains experience it will earn power points, a currency to purchase powers or upgrades. At max level players will have earned around 60 power points, “roughly a dozen points shy of maxing out everything.”

Change is a good thing.

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  1. Yes, I applaud Cryptic making an attempt to get away from the pay-to-win mindset. For my part, I don’t mind spending money on cosmetic things like clothes and such, but it would be very unsatisfying to me knowing that I’m dong better in the game because of something I paid real money for. As much as I love Star Trek Online, it can be very annoying at times seeing all the guys with their big huge pay-to-win ships.

    Concerning the 4th Neverwinter beta weekend, I’m resisting the temptation, as I don’t want to burn myself out on an unfinished game. Hopefully official release will be soon though.

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