TOME: Immortal Arena Coming in November with New Game Mode (Video)

TOME Immortal Arena_Key ArtWe’re not sure what you’re going to be most excited about, that TOME: Immortal Arena is launching in the near future or that the Kixeye MOBA is receiving a new game mode at the same time. We’ll pull a Jay Mohr and go over them at the same time. TOME will be 5v21ing on Novembtuary map.

That didn’t work at all. Let’s start over.

TOME: Immortal Arena will be launching on Steam come November 21. That’d be this year, good ole 2014. I guess date ranges from Shawn Carnes can be trusted. In addition, the title will be coming with just one of the additions that we discussed with Carnes during that linked interview. Your expected 5v5 game mode – dubbed Sanctuary – will be joining the browser-based MOBA during its Steam launch. We can’t wait to take it for a spin. Looks like 10-15 minute matches will be an object of past affection.

Make no mistake, Kixeye does not appear to dropping the beta label during this launch. There was no mention of such a change. Given our conversation with Shawn, we don’t expect the removal of closed beta to be happening quite yet. He hinted at numerous other ideas the company wanted to add to increase accessibility and replayability, including some you wouldn’t expect from a MOBA. Heck, he didn’t even rule out a potential raid mechanic!

Hit the jump for the launch trailer celebrating today’s announcement. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitch to watch us dominate with Death-aligned guardians and for your chance to win an awesome Diesel Orlon skin code.