Tranformers Universe Unlocks Founder’s Program

Everyone’s favorite robots in disguise are that much closer to being a playable MOBA. Following recent founder’s program discussions from ArcheAge and Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade, Jagex has announced its own program for Transformers Universe. Topping off at a hefty $449.99, the program has a level for the cash flushed down to the cash strapped.

Included in the base level $44.99 pack is entry into the annuls of history for TU, a Bronze Founder title and award, $30.00 worth of relics and a 60-day season pass, which offers store discounts, extra goodies, experience bonus and more. From there, the titles and amount of base relics increase. In addition, higher tiers offer early access to warriors, core, probes and repair packs.

That $449.99 pack, yeah, that includes a physical figurine, 18 warriors at launch and a full year of the season pass. The $250 worth of relics pays for nearly half of it.