Transmogrification and the Changing Face of WoW

It’s something that I wished would happen in WoW for a very, very long time. That is, the option to modify the appearance of armor in some way or another. Last I wrote on this topic, the idea was but a dream that seemed, perhaps, just maybe, on the horizon.

Since then, transmogrification has become a force that drives many of us players who like to collect. And earlier this week, we learned via community manager Zarhym’s Twitter account that by Patch 5.2, transmogrification may become less restrictive in terms of allowing similar weapon types to be transmogrified. Here were his exact words:

.@iizeppii Removing main-hand/off-hand Xmog restrictions maybe by 5.2. Also allowing Xmog of weaps w/ similar anims (2H axe/2H sword, etc).

Now I realize that modifying armor’s appearance isn’t important to everyone. But for me, it was a game changer, and this potential change would make it even more so. Being a stickler for the aesthetics of my character, transmog allowed me to further play with an aspect of the game that I hadn’t really been able to properly before. And even having these options available means I approach armor collecting with a whole different mindset.

When questing or looking at loot rewards, it’s no longer simply a question of looking for an upgrade. Does the itemlook cool? Would it go with something else I have in the bank, just waiting to be placed into a unique set? When pugging, I find it helpful for the group to define how they’ll roll for transmog items that aren’t otherwise upgrades. Watch out for ninjas. They have more reasons to steal loot now.

And when questing? It once was the case that I’d look for quest rewards only for their upgrade potential. But now, especially when upgrades come as quickly as they do when leveling, appearance is also a top factor.

Then there are the dungeon sets. I’ve already gone back and completed 2 full BC sets that I had previously skipped, and that was in a very short amount of playtime. And now I’ve been working on my Darkmoon Faire replica set. I imagine the dedicated players could have collected dozens of sets by now — but would they all fit?

Let’s just say, it’s a good thing I have void storage because otherwise, even my meager haul wouldn’t all fit. I suspect that a lack of storage slots even with void storage options may a wide problem that needs further looking into.

All this hoarding can’t be healthy. But it sure is fun!