Trion Worlds Takes Over End of Nations Development

When the Open Beta phase for End of Nations was put on indefinite hold only to be followed by the layoff of some 30 developers at Petroglyph Games the outlook went from glib to morbid. No matter the sad news neither company ever announced that the MMORTS was canceled. Players held out hope that the title’s impending release would stave off cancellation. Their prayers have been answered.

Publisher Trion Worlds announced that the company would be taking the development in-house to finish the game. According to Community Manager Myll Erik, the company is “still moving full steam ahead with the game.”

Myll goes on to discuss some of the improvements that have been made to the game since closed beta testing ended a few months ago. Changes include easing of “the learning curve for new players, a revamped UI system, advancements in player strategy, and most importantly a more polished overall game.”

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