Trekkie Convention Dishes Star Trek Online Expansion Details

lh_star_trek_online_delta_risingStar Trek Online, the MMORPG I never get to play, is receiving a new digital expansion. Breaking on Reddit thanks to Cryptic Studios’ official panel for the Las Vegas Star Trek convention, the developer will be adding the Delta Rising expansion to its ninth season in the future. The Reddit post leaves the release date unclear, whether that’s a near future, distant or alternate dimension. A second source claims an October 2014 release.

That seems believable given the history of their content patches.

burstdragon323 played journalist and grabbed a list of features scheduled for release with Delta Rising. These include:

  • Level cap increased to 60
  • Mark 14 gear
  • Tier 6 starships
  • “Specialization trees” to add to captain advancement
  • A new Bridge Officer type
  • New aliens, such as Talaxians, Ocampa, Kazon, Heirarchy, Malon, and Hazari
  • Voice acting by Star Trek alumnus Tim Russ, Garret Wang and more to come

Despite the title’s rather rocky start, it has done nothing but gangbusters since making the free-to-play leap under the watchful and monetizing eye of Perfect World Entertainment. The phoenix-esque rise appears to be continuing with Delta Rising and its continued expedition of the Delta Quadrant. As we wait, we’ve been promised some 40, yes, four zero, dev blogs detailing features, improvements and additions being made to the persistent universe of Star Trek Online by way of Delta Rising.

Let’s hope that Warlords of Draenor doesn’t decide to drop around this time. Or that WildStar releases another of its massive content patches so I can actually get in some play time.