Turbine Sues Atari Over Dungeons & Dragons Online


According to the Courthouse News Service, Turbine is sueing Atari over the pair’s deal for Dungeons & Dragons Online.  The original post is full of courtroom jargon so we will break it down for you.

Atari is being sued by Turbine, developer of DDO and the move to the free variant, Eberron Unlimited, for failing to allocate the correct funds to the project.  Turbine alleges further, that by doing so the publisher knowingly compromised the title’s future, and hamstrung the developer from performing its contractual duties.  All while accepting payments from Turbine.  “Atari knew it would not perform its obligations under the agreements and knew it wouldpretextually seek to declare Turbine in breach of the agreements”, the document states.

Furthermore, it seems that Atari is seeking to end the partnership with Turbine, a move that Turbine says would put the company’s “past investment” in jeopardy.  Not to mention the fact that such a move “threatens the goodwill that Turbine has developed with the thousands of players who play “DDO: Stormreach” and are expected to use the “DDO: Unlimited” service.”

Seems that the fate of DDO:EU is now up to the courts.  This could get ugly.  Very ugly.

[Edit] To cheer you up, here are some new screenshots.




  1. Maybe the figure being sued will cost less than supporting the project? Must be more going on than we know…

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