Ultima Designer Richard Garriot Kickstarting New Fantasy RPG

Richard Garriott, or Lord British, the mastermind behind the Ultima universe, is returning to the core video game market despite his current company, Portalarium, having a stated focus of creating content for the social network market. Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is to be a fantasy RPG that harkens back to actually role playing.

Not an MMOG by any means, but Shroud of the Avatar will offer an online component, including PvP. The Kickstarter project seems in no risk of failing having accumulated nearly a fourth of its $1 million goal in 24 hours.

Additional features:

  • Interactive virtual world
  • “Deep” original fiction
  • Physical game items available to collect
  • Multiplayer online game with the capability to be played solo or offline
  • Classless system
  • Player housing
  • Crafting system that can be a hobby or career
  • PvP with minimized griefing
  • Scene based encounters

Now which backer level to go for…

Hit the jump for the official reveal trailer.