WoW: The Official Magazine Volume 3 Preview

The Official World of Warcraft Magazine from Future Publishing just keeps getting better and better. The company got off to a rough start as it tried to find its voice (and a dependable shipping method), but it is slowly approaching its goal of offering something beyond what the myriad of websites can.

The latest issue, which is the last issue before the Cataclysm, features a handful of feature articles on just that topic. The writers reintroduce us to forgotten characters, even the legend of Doomhammer, explain the changes in loot with the loot designers and details the retaking of Echo Isles and Gnomeregan for those who may have missed it. Community highlights are a plenty, including another collecting featurette, this time for the mount hunters out there. Most interesting to some will be the Chris Metzen interview, which highlights just how much his day-to-day life has changed since he created the worlds for Blizzard. All of this comes wrapped in increasingly complex layouts, topped off with never-before-seen art assets.

Bon appetit.


  1. Starting to make me want to subscribe for it now :)

    Oh, and it sounds like you’re cooking bacon for the Worgen females in the background.
    LOL, sorry, it must be the rain. hehe

    Cool stuff

  2. Mine may be waiting in my mailbox right now. Honestly, I have not yet seen anything I consider worth my money, aside a some nice looking posters. The content has never shown anything I do not already know of in depth. Also the guides, though for newer players in general, have never even been worth the read from my point of view. Never the less, gonna go grab my poster from the mail and sulkily pin it on my wall.

  3. The info is less spoilertastic than the thing’s they spit out at mmo champion (or here for that matter) and even cover’s important novel storyline plot’s. Also some great interviews to read up on.

    Plus I bring it to my friends who don’t play wow and they have a million questions after seeing it.

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