Wargaming.net Acquires Gas Powered Games

Both of these headliners have been in the news recently for vastly different reasons. Wargaming.net has continued to celebrate its champion status of the F2P market, announcing a massive visual overhaul to World of Warplanes and the purchase of Day 1 Studios to accelerate its entry into the console market. On the flip side, superstar designer Chris Taylor’s Gas Powered Games made headlines for a last ditch effort at staying afloat through Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter for Taylor’s action RPG Wildman was canceled earlier this week.

Now the tandem are together, as the pair announced that Wargaming.net has swooped in to purchase Gas Powered Games, which admitted to being in trouble during its Kickstarter campaign for Wildman. The financial terms have not been disclosed.

The plans Wargaming.net has for GPG have not been revealed as of press time. GPG is a PC-centric developer with a focus on strategy titles.