Warframe Open Beta Begins February 15

Tenno, potentially the last saviors of the solar system. Built and bred as blade and gun masters, you must return to your past to defend all against the Grineer. Come this weekend, you’ll be able to answer the call of the Lotus without the need for advanced access.

That’s because Warframe’s open beta testing phase launches this weekend!

From Friday, February 15 at Noon EST until Tuesday, February 19 at 9:00 AM EST players will be able to partake in a massive stress test without the need for a beta key. Digital Extremes doesn’t go into too much detail about what players can expect in the beta session, but there is on perk, an exclusive weapon. For the low, low price of 1 credit players can get their mitts on a BRATON VANDAL a more powerful, yet slower firing version of the standard Corpus BRATON.

For those new to the world of Warframe, the title is a third-person co-op based in a science fiction universe. You can check out more of the title’s visuals after the cut and sign up for open beta access here.