Wargaming.net Snatches Up Two Atari Strategy Properties

Big news here, folks. There are numerous reports that Wargaming.net, best known for the “World of” series, including World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, has snatched the intellectual properties rights for two dead Atari properties. In the recent auction of Atari IPs, the strategy specialist grabbed…wait for it…Total Annihilation and Master of Orion!

The Overlord blog touched upon the deal, asking its readers “Any expectations?” The 20 comments and counting since seem to have plenty, including requesting full games, not F2P. The overall gist is that Wargaming.net doesn’t screw up childhood favorites.

I am sure that’s not the company’s, or any developer’s, intention, y’all.  Ever.

What the community should be focusing on is that Chris Taylor can finally make a true sequel to TA. Taylor has been a part of the growing Wargaming.net family since the dev/pub picked up Gas Powered Games early this year. GPG has been rebranded as Wargaming Seattle since.

Uber Games is currently working on a spiritual successor, Planetary Annihilation, funded through Kickstarter late last year.