Trions Worlds Elaborates on End of Nations Transition to MOBA

Fan of the original incarnation of End of Nations? Hurt when it was announced that the title, sans Petroglyph Games, would be morphing into a MOBA? Trion Worlds hears you. The company understand that you, a long-standing interested party, may be a little shaky on the change. That’s largely why previous beta testers were the first to be invited into EoN alpha testing, which kicked off this past week.

If you weren’t lucky enough to get access and don’t believe the NDA-polished reports coming from alpha testing then I encourage you to check out a new interview at RTSGuru. The strategy-focused site snagged an interview with Scot Lane, the new Executive Producer for End of Nations. He opens the interview with the simple fact that “the game hasn’t changed as much as it sounds like” before launching into the modifications we already know. This includes UI tweaks, faster combat, smaller teams and tactical leveling options.

The focal point of change to date has been the power of heroes.

Heroes are the center point in battles.  Heroes are very powerful but some also enhance your units.  Each hero has four abilities, some are active abilities that you click on to make something happen, and others are passive like speed increase for you and your units.  Every ability has four different levels that can increase strength as well as influence on your company, so the game and tactics will change dramatically throughout a battle.

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