Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Founder’s Options Boggle The Mind


Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is easily one of my most anticipated MMORPGs. Not that Behaviour Interactive, the title’s developer, has an impressive resume in the genre or the intellectual property has a fantastic track record of, you know, coming to fruition. Those are some historical happenings that can easily change. The way Behaviour has progressed with Eternal Crusade provides faith in its upcoming release. The dark intellectual property itself and seductive feature list are what drew me to investigate joining the Founder ranks, so I tracked myself to the Founder page and was dumbfounded.

There are over 23 freaking items to chose from. Many of which don’t even include access to the game itself. Very confusing at first glance.

Upon further inspection many of these options are meant to unlock additional options to various Founder packs. If you’re interested in unleashing more than just the WAAAGH! you’ll only be set back $10. The Pioneer Pack Ork Edition on the other hand is tailored to expand the newly-announced F2P version. Those six options get you in the game. The other 18 offer Rogue Trader Points, act as gift cards or head tantalizingly close to the pay-to-win model by unlocking racial weaponry.

We won’t get into the F2P versus P2W discussion in this thread, since a single weapon per race is unlikely to swing the tides of war. And if I was a graphic designer I’d make a nice little infographic of these options. Suffice it to say that so many options, even if one ignores the 18 non-game key items, confuse. Whatever happen to your standard $90 Collector’s Edition?

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  1. you really have no idea what your talking about in your rant on RT. There is no P2W . All the items are skins. Which is both attainable in game and with player cash. It is just more quicker to get the skin with cash. Though they will have in game RTP currency in game so you can get through doing missions , then RT Gear will also be loot able in game too. Also there will be more item in RT store. Game is far away from lunch .

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