Why Wildstar Isn’t F2P in the Traditional Fashion

You may have heard, you know, if you read our articles and such. One of them happen to be on that nagging issue of the decision by Carbine Studios to make Wildstar a more traditional subscription based MMORPG. Kinda. There’s the curious case of the in-game currency being able to purchase game time, but by and large the premise is that a subscription remains.

The game’s producer explained to PCGamesN.com the reasoning behind the mostly subscription model of Wildstar is simple, “free-to-play’s not a magic bullet” for all MMOs. Jeremy Gaffney goes on record reiterating reasons against the F2P model. This includes the “whale” issue, or a subset of members paying for far more than the rest. In the eyes of Gaffney, this variability stresses players, developers and publishers alike.

This is why Wildstar went the way of Eve Online with its CREDD system.

“So essentially one set of players create their time, [another] use money to pay for the sub, and it’s a win-win and it pisses off gold farmers because it’s a legal source of trading gold with other players” Gaffney said before adding “And we like pissing off gold farmers, too.”


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