WildStar Flick: Teaseer (Video)

The release of WildStar is fast upon us. We think. Carbine Studios still hasn’t pegged the release date, sticking with a wide range of Q1/Q2 2014 after it was delayed from a 2014 release. Thankfully, beta keys continue to be pushed out for the classic MMORPG. Many (lucky) players have had positive responses. If it’s as well crafted as their trailers and other marketing material, there’s little reason to worry.

Need a refresher of their directorial and scripting prowess? The team has you covered with the newish WildStar Flick series. The most recent of which covers the Teaseer, featuring the dual-personality of the Caretaker.

The general shenanigans had in these videos is spiced up with promises of teasers. Inside the below video players will be treated to the first glimpses of upcoming content. Content that’s to be discussed this week!


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