WildStar Launches Today! Lore Hound Has You Covered Again (Video)

Fear not, Nexians! This isn’t a repost of our open beta announcement. While that content is all well and good, we’ve provided a collection of additional coverage of our most anticipated MMORPG of 2014 (and possibly since it was first announced). The Nexus has seen many characters created, launch queue jokes made and a few hours of Twitch coverage since re-opening on Saturday, but today was the true-to-life big day; the full unadulterated launch.

We may have a hit a few snags, but nothing unexpected in the launch of a AAA MMORPG. In fact, we even bit it and did a server transfer to prevent further wipes in the queue raid. You’ll now find us on the PvP server Rowsdower after breaking up with the jealous girlfriend Pergo. Enjoy looking at our coverage from Rowsdower as we move on with our lives, Pergo!

The official trailer is as whiz bang as some of the others Carbine has put out, but it summarizes why we’re heading to Nexus through the eyes of the famous NPCs we’ll be rubbing shoulders with. Lore aside, for most of you the fact that everything on Nexus is filled with troves of loot may be enough!

Beyond the cut you’ll see the final, no seriously, final launch trailer for WildStar. In addition, Jeremy Gaffney, a Carbine Studios executive producer, took to the forums to express gratitude and reflect on the company’s first release.