Gazillion Re-retools Marvel Heroes (Video)

Shortly after PAX Prime 2013 Gazillion Entertainment dramatically altered its dungeon crawling online title Marvel Heroes. David Brevik explained the changes and what the community could expect in the future (which is now!) to us in an exclusive interview. What no one expected was the amount of change the title will continue to go through.

Gazillion announced Marvel Heroes 2015 and its launch date of June 4, 2014. The rebrand will mark the first anniversary of Marvel Heroes, complete with an open beta of a Mac client. Opening a new platform for the free-to-play title isn’t all MH2015 will bring. Gamers can expect new end-game raid content, horizontal progression systems, the continuing increase in the all-star cast to select from and more of the excellent storylines from the Marvel universe. Surtur, master of demons, raiding anyone?

Official Surtur teaser trailer behind the cut.