WildStar Launching with Cross-realm Play

Neverwinter recently re-confirmed its intention to merge its servers to create a more universal in-game community. This is something Blizzard, which runs dozens of servers for World of Warcraft, has achieved by designing base technology to offer cross-realm PvP, questing and raiding. Upcoming MMORPG WildStar is going to follow Blizzard’s example from the word go.

DIscussed for the first time at length in this week’s WildStar Wednesday, Carbine Studios revealed that cross-realm will be driven through three key features. Chat will be unbound by your server choice, as will the ability to group up with friends. The WildStar incarnation of the Group Finder will also pull from the much larger pool. However, the later two features will not allow players to meet up in the open world. As you may expect, they’ll only be tangible in select instance locations.

Another major limitation includes a locked trading system to prevent interserver economy imbalances. Most surprising? Players will have an option to blatantly turn off cross-realm features relegating them to the archaic server design handcuffs of yesteryear.