WildStar Unveils the Esper Healer/DPS Class (Video)

Those of you that have been following our coverage of WildStar, the upcoming hardcore slanted MMORPG from Carbine Studios, tend to await Hump Day. That’s because you know that there may be a bit of tasty news released for the company’s long-running WildStar Wednesday marketing campaign. It isn’t all noteworthy but today’s video trailer definitely is.

The company unveiled the Esper class to all those with functional eyes and ears. Labeled as “a mash-up between Professor X and the Green Lantern” those playing an Esper character can expect to wield flashy, telekinetic powers. The DevSpeak video showcases spyblade, that classes light armor and use of powerful illusions.

Don’t take our written word for it though. You can view the informative and insightful video after the cut. As a healer or DPS class, the Espar seems right up my alley. Want more on the game’s other classes?